Ceebros Design Works (CDW) is an inter-disciplinary design practice based in Chennai, India.

Founded in 2013, the firm is recognised​ for its ability​ to blend contemporary influences with historical heritage. The firm’s portfolio includes ​large scale to private residential to hospitality, and ​caters to all aspects of the project including material selection, custom furniture design and sourcing​. At CDW the ​focus is on creating a functional interface between nature and​ ​the built form that is as much about driving a lifestyle, as it is about being environmentally aware and living in harmony with the spaces we create.

The founder, Sruthi C Reddy, is the principal architect and creative director of the firm. Drawing inspiration from everyday life her passion for design extends well int​o ​he​r ​passio​n​ ​for travel, adventure, food, art, music and nature. She is a graduate from Rhode Island School of Design and the School of Architecture and Planning, Chennai. She boasts a wealth of professional experience working with communities abroad and in India, and her stint with Rahul Mehrotra Architects inspired her to chart a course on her own.